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>Woman writes wild obituary
Rick Stein, a classic man of mystery, had a life worthy of a movie. Or at least that's how his daughter, Alex Walsh, put it in a highly fictionalized, off-the-wall and totally engrossing obituary she wrote for her father, 71. Stein, according to his daughter's tall tale, was receiving cancer treatment at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, when he decided to break out, commandeer a single-engine plane and take flight over the Atlantic Ocean. "'The sea was angry that day,' said NTSB lead investigator Greg Fields in a press conference. 'We have no idea where Mr Stein may be, but any hope for a rescue is unlikely,'" Walsh wrote in the obit, filled with "Seinfeld" and "Breaking Bad" references. "That is one story," Walsh writes at the end of her roller-coaster ride. "Another story is that Rick never left the hospital and died peacefully with his wife and his daughter holding tightly to his hands."



>Ax throwing for fun in LA
Ax throwing may not seem to have a place in Los Angeles, where sun and surf reign supreme, but the city's first venue featuring the niche sport is counting on people to ditch the waves for steel hatchets. "Axepert" at LA Ax in North Hollywood said the sport provides low-tech fun in a high-tech society, where people are constantly checking social media. "Ax throwing gives people a good reason to put down their phones," said operation's manager Carly Chalom. "Put that down, step away for an hour or two, and throw some axes. Then you'll have something to post about later." She said it is also a good way to release tension at a time when the news can cause people to feel stressed and anxious. The venue is getting a wide variety of clientele, she said, from people on first dates to those who have been unlucky in love.
抛斧头这一小众运动似乎和以阳光、冲浪为名片的洛杉矶完全不搭,但该市首个抛斧头运动场馆正指望人们舍弃冲浪、选择投掷钢斧。位于北好莱坞的LA Ax公司的的"斧头专家"称,在现今这个大家不断查看社交媒体的高科技社会里,抛斧头运动给人们提供了低科技的乐趣。该公司的运营经理卡莉沙卢姆说:"抛斧头给了大家一个放下手机的好理由。放下手机,远离手机一两个小时,掷几把斧头。过后晒网上的内容也跟着有了。"卡莉表示,在这个新闻能使人感到压力和焦虑的时代,抛斧头也是个释放压力的好办法。据她介绍,LA Ax的客户群分布很广,从首次约会的人到情场失意的人都有。



>Female staff dress for job
Offices are full of distractions, from chatty colleagues to incessantly ringing phones. But it seems open-plan offices also hold another source of stress for women – their appearance. Modern open workspaces put women under pressure to dress up, buy elegant clothes and wear makeup, a study has found. Rubbing shoulders with bosses in one shared office may encourage women to dress for the job they want. This means looking "conventionally businesslike and feminine", the researchers said.



>Museum builds new branch
After years of preparation, construction of a branch of the Palace Museum formally kicked off on Wednesday in Beijing's northwestern outskirts. The branch, covering about 620,000 sq m in the north of Haidian district, will serve as a satellite institution of the complex. The branch will include 35,000 sq m of exhibition space, a conservation center of 20,000 sq m for cultural relics, and a warehouse of 23,000 sq m, according to Shan Jixiang, director of the Palace Museum. Plans call for it to fully open in June 2022, but the conservation center may be ready for visits by the public in 2020, when the Forbidden City will celebrate its 600th birthday, Shan said. "Having such an institution will improve our service and expand our room to display our collections," he said. The lack of sufficient exhibition space has been a lingering problem for the museum, which houses more than 1.86 million cultural relics.

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